Gua Sha Tool Is Here

We are so excited to announce that our long-awaited gua sha tool is finally here! Gua sha is a traditional healing and lifting technique that has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This stone is made from black obsidian and has several different uses to sculpt, lift, de-puff, improve overall skin tone, and promote relaxation and blood circulation in the skin. 

Our tool is incredible diverse with several different sides and ways to use on the face and neck. Our product page has a video to model the strokes and different ways to use the stone. 

We recommend using this tool with our Prickly Pear Face Oil, but you can also use our Black Spruce Body Oil if you want even more of a glide. We can't wait for you all to experience these IRL. If you have any additional questions about best usage with this tool, feel free to reach out to our Director of Esthetics:


- Berlin Skin Team