In an industry that is notoriously saturated with waste, we desire to do things differently. We aim to run a business that does not harm animals, people or the planet. This has been our primary goal since day one. From our choices to use recyclable high-quality materials to reducing carbon emissions by keeping suppliers close to home whenever possible — we are always looking for ways to be more responsible as a brand. Our biggest sustainability initiative lives in asking our customers to use less, and making pathways for them to be successful in this by designing our line to be multi-functional and shareable. Thank you for joining us in this initiative.

Shipping Materials

When we designed our shipping materials, we wanted to create a minimal, yet high-end experience while keeping ethical production and sustainable practices at the forefront. 

We use inserts made from water-based ink printed on highly recyclable newspaper. To pack our orders, we use recycled kraft paper that is easy to reuse. Our kraft shipping boxes are made from high-quality material which makes them easy to repurpose for your own storage or shipping needs.

FSC Certified Cartons

Our secondary cartons which hold our precious formulas are made from FSC certified material: FSC certified means the mill meets the requirements of responsible forestry and the renewable energy certification means the paper was manufactured with 100% renewable green energy.

Glass Bottles & Jars

Most of our retail products are bottled in premium recyclable glass. Our jar caps are also fully recyclable. Sourced from The Netherlands, this glass is some of the highest quality used in skincare. The biophotonic glass has unique properties that protect the plant-based formulas from light which increases shelf life and ensures potency. For our retail products packaged in tubes, we use a product made from 30% PCR material.

Supply Chain

With sustainability as a priority component of our business model, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our shipping and supply chain methodologies. We prioritize sourcing from suppliers who are close to home and diversify distribution so customers can have the option to shop locally in-person.

Official Member at Masters of Good

Masters of Good is a new type of business club that connects, supports, and empowers the next generation of entreprenuers bulidng better businesses.

Ingredient Sourcing

We believe that the most healing ingredients are sourced from the earth. We work to source ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted, and local whenever possible.

For example, the premium matcha used in our signature Matcha Mask is sourced from Uji, Japan — the highest quality tea growing region, and is the birthplace of Japanese green tea. The matcha is in its purest form, non-gmo, radiation-free, preservative and heavy metal-free. It’s also shade grown and JAS-organic certified. 

Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients
Sustainable Materials & Packaging
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