Ingredients For A Healthier You

Organic, wildcrafted ingredients sourced from the earth and formulated to heal and enhance your skin — accompanied by aromas that positively affect the mind.

Source Matters

The better our ingredients are, the better they work on your skin. That’s why we source ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted, and local whenever possible. This ensures that you receive the most healing, nourishing ingredients out there: ones that are sourced from the earth. 

While plants will always be at the core of our formulas, we also accept that not all ingredients made in a lab are "bad." In fact, many times they afford a more sustainable and safer formula than strictly farm-grown plants. This middle-ground approach allows us to deliver integrated formulas that are safe, gentle, and extremely effective on all skin types.

Plant Based
Plant Based
Plant Based
Oil Free
Fragrance & Mineral Oil Free
Oil Free
Paraben & Sulfate Free
Paraben & Sulfate Free
Paraben & Sulfate Free

What You Won't Find In Our Products

— Animal derived ingredients

— Mineral oil

— Parabens

— Phthalates

— Sulfates

— Silicones

Plant Oils

The base of our products are made from oils like jojoba, squalane (from olive oil), rose hip, coconut, raspberry seed, borage seed, and evening primrose. These oils are essential for nourishing, protecting, and keeping the skin looking youthful and dewy. We also use essential oils that have positive effects on the skin and incredible aromatherapy benefits for the mind.

Prominent Essential Oils & Benefits

Sandalwood: extremely anti-inflammatory, heals and prevents breakouts, prevents future photo damage of the skin.

Blue Tansy: powerfully soothing, anti-inflammatory, balances skin tone and has amazing calming aromatherapy benefits.

Frankincense: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, minimizes fine lines, tightens the skin and reduces breakouts.

Carrot Seed: rejuvenating, lightening, and delivers a high amount of natural vitamin A.

Black Spruce: calming to the nervous system, helps with mental clarity and can help clear the respiratory system.


Our products are packed with incredible herbs such as gotu kola, horsetail, calendula, thyme, sage, dandelion, goldenseal and licorice. These herbs are extremely healing and anti-inflammatory

Some even have incredibly rejuvenating properties that can encourage new collagen production and lighten the skin for a fresh, youthful glow.

Antioxidants & Vitamins

Vitamins like A, C, B5, and E are used throughout our products to nourish and heal your skin. For protecting the skin against different types of damage, we use ingredients that are high in antioxidants like wild cherry, shade grown matcha green tea, honeysuckle, blueberry, Oregon grape, açaí, and CoQ10.

Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial Ingredients

We also formulate with ingredients that are high in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help balance and purify your skin. These include turmeric, botanical hyaluronic acid (sourced from the caesalpinia spinosa plant) organic aloe, seaweed, reishi mushroom, colloidal silver, and msm.

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