A Note From Monica

Minimalism in skincare has been passed down through 4 generations of women in my family. My grandma specifically influenced me to care well for my skin; her philosophy was this: if you're using high quality, nourishing products, you only need a few. After a 2-year-long struggle with cystic acne, implementing this advice internally and externally did wonders for my skin. Everything we create here at Berlin Skin stems from this core value that simplicity can also equal results. My great grandma, grandma, and mom are all from Berlin and this brand is a tribute to the strong and beautiful women who have come before me.

When you purchase our products, you are supporting a family owned small business and we appreciate you deeply. We also give a portion of all our profits to David's Harp Foundation, a non-profit based in San Diego that inspires, educates, and empowers homeless and system-effected youth.

From my heart,

Monica Watson


Ute is a firm believer that if you use nourishing, high-quality products, you don’t need a 12-step routine. She also taught me that sticking to the fundamentals is how we get the best results for our skin over time. As you can probably tell, our entire brand is built upon her philosophy and knowledge, and I love that we get to honor her as we share Berlin Skin with others.


Grandma Ute in Berlin with my mom as a baby, 1967

About Monica

When I'm not running the day-to-day operations at Berlin Skin, I love traveling, dreaming, camping, spending time with my family, and I'm always down for a nightly sauna session. I love to indulge in slow and quiet mornings, and try to prioritize making time to laugh and have fun with the people I love. 

When it comes to my skincare routine, it changes with the seasons, but the thing that stays the same is that I take my time and keep it simple. I don’t rush through it, but rather take the opportunity to slow down and ground myself while caring for my skin and mind.

My hope is that the experience of my brand not only brings you healthier skin, but sparks more rest, creativity, and contentment in your life.

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