Dear West Coast Friends

Dear West Coast Friends,

It’s been a wild and unusual few weeks, on top of the craziness of Covid and societal unrest — we’re right there with you. We don’t for one moment forget that each of you are living unique and complicated lives, just as we are. And we know the likelihood that you’ve been effected by the fires in one way or another is pretty high. As I am writing this we are in Oregon, looking out our windows at the thick winter-like fog of smoke that has settled in. It’s eerie and unsettling. We’re reminded once again of how precious life is and how grateful we are for our West coast home. 

It seems that with increasing importance this year, hope and compassion persevere. Our team spent the past few days together talking about you, concerned for you and the things in life you consider most dear to your heart. We talked about our values: “rest as a lifestyle” being the first of the bunch, with “effortless generosity” wrapping them all up beautifully. We hope to serve as a reminder of the good that still exists and of all that is still possible in this life and for our world. Today may feel long and shaky, but you are strong — rather, we are strong together.


In fact, now is a good time for a pause to practice our self-care tools. Wherever you are, if you can, I encourage you to join me for a few deep breaths: 

Deep breath in.
Hold for 3 seconds.
Deep breath out. 
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out — let go of anxiety & fear.
Deep breath in — welcoming peace & rest.


For those who have lost much during this time, we want you to know we see you, and we’re thinking of you. Since the conception of Berlin Skin we’ve been about people: nothing is more important. As part of an attempt to help as many as we can with the little that we have, we’ll be donating 10% of all proceeds to Red Cross Wildfire Relief for the next week. Along with this, we’ve provided a list of additional resources on our “give back” page should you find yourself in a position of need


Stay safe, friends. 

All our love,
Alexa Joy & the Berlin Skin Team