we believe that what we've been blessed with is an opportunity to be a blessing to others. our goal has always been to create products that cultivate sustainability on earth and also to be generous whenever we can. one way this is exercised is through how we give back to others in need: a portion of our profits are donated directly to remember nhu, a non-profit organization that we deeply support. when you purchase our products, you are also literally saving a high-risk child from the sex trade.

what does remember nhu do?

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"remember nhu is a movement of people who dream of a better world. we believe that children have an inalienable right to grow up happy and healthy, and the idea that any child should be victimized in this way is appalling to all of us. consider the following question: If you had the opportunity to identify a child who is at risk of being sold, prevent that from happening, and protect the child from ever entering the sex trade—would you do it?

that is exactly why remember nhu exists. we are a non-profit committed to ending child sex slavery through prevention. we identify those children who are at risk of being sold and provide them with a home in which their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs are met. by creating a supportive environment for each of these children, we are ensuring a childhood free from sex slavery and also dramatically lowering their risk of joining the sex trade later in life."

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