Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Well, we made it to February (insert sigh of relief). Does anyone else feel so confused and weird in January? It seems to drag on and I find myself eagerly anticipating the second month of the year where things start to get rolling. It’s also my birthday month (i’m turning 31 what the heck?!), so there’s plenty to look forward to in my life. Valentine’s day though…eh, I have mixed emotions about this day. I think it’s a fun opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our significant other and the amazing people in our life, but there can also be a lot of unnecessary pressure and consumerism around the holiday. However you choose to celebrate or not celebrate — if you’re looking for gift ideas (even if it’s for yourself), we’ve got you covered!

For Your Guy

We hear it over and over again “my boyfriend is stealing all of my Berlin Skin products…” so here’s an opportunity to get him some of his own. Our top picks for men are our Black Spruce Body Oil (pssst we put it on sale as a Valentine’s day special only) and Cocoa Eye Butter. He’ll enjoy that the body oil doubles as an aftershave and will probably slather the Cocoa Eye Butter all over his face and neck during these winter months. And hey, buying some skin care for him means that you can now steal his! We won’t tell.

For Your Lady

You probably already know it, but you can’t really overdo it when it comes to women and skin care products. She’s probably already regularly buying the essentials for herself, so maybe snag some of our Bamboo Facial Cloths and pair it with one of her favorite regular items.

For Your Mama

Our Coconut + Aloe Cleanser is a hero product for more mature skin. If you want to go big, pair it with our Carrot Seed Serum which packs a punch with powerful antioxidants and oils to protect and heal.

For Yourself

I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to treat yourself? If you haven’t tried our Carrot Seed Serum, this is not one to miss out on! We also still have some dad hats left that are perfect year-round for shading your face from the sun.

For Your Bestie

Snag her our tried and true Sandalwood Cream, Cocoa Eye Butter, or Geranium + Rose Toner and she’ll be pumped.


I hope you have an amazing month full of rest, joy, and great skin!

From my heart,