The Importance Of Daily Cleansing

Daily cleansing is one of the most important steps in a solid skincare routine, but it’s often overlooked. Of course, no one is perfect and we can easily forget this step – or are just too tired (guilty!)

But what really happens to our skin when we skip our cleansing routines? Let’s dive in.

Long story short: our skincare products will not be as effective when skipping the cleanse and we'll be more prone to breakouts and premature aging.

Nighttime cleansing is especially important as we absolutely need to remove sunscreen, makeup, and dirt that’s been applied and accumulated on our faces throughout the day. 

Throughout the night our body is working hard to repair, heal, and protect our skin. While asleep, we are constantly moving and rubbing our faces in all directions. By the time we wake up, the products applied from the night prior are absorbed and the skin is ready to be fed again.

So what about when we wake up? If we skip the cleanser in in the morning, we’re compromising the effectiveness of more targeted/potent skin care products. We still accumulate dirt, oil, and debris on our faces throughout the night, even with a perfect routine. Cleansing in the morning is going to wash off whatever remains from the night before, ultimately prepping and balancing your skin for the rest of your products.

If you have a day where you’re wearing more sunscreen and makeup, double cleansing is ideal. Double cleansing might sound excessive, but it’s quite the opposite. Using a gentle cleanser or balm as your first cleanse will soften and break up any cosmetic products, then when you do your treatment cleanse it won't have to work harder at breaking up any makeup — but instead restore, clarify, and treat. 

The small things can have such a great impact on the way you go about your normal routine, giving you the confidence to truly listen and understand what your skin responds well to. Incorporating the Bamboo Facial Cloth to remove your first and or second cleanse will effectively and gently provide a deeper product removal process. Made from organic bamboo, these face towels are sure to properly clean areas we often miss when we only wash our faces at the sink.

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