Snow Day Thoughts

On Sunday, we woke up to about a foot of snow here in Bend, Oregon - and it continued snowing all day long. It was beautiful and cozy. We had just put up our Christmas tree a few days before, and the fire was keeping my family and I nice and warm inside. So much to be grateful for. 

In the afternoon, I had to get some groceries for dinner, but the roads were still really bad, so I decided to make the 1/2 mile trek by foot. Bundled head to toe, I made my way through the thick snow, taking in the silence and beauty of the snow day. 

It was a workout for sure, but I throughly enjoyed myself. I couldn't help but think, "why don't I do this more, walk to get my groceries for dinner?" Probably because it's easier to just drive, and I like to be efficient and maximize my day. But in the midst of the busyness, I am missing out on an incredible walk in nature, time for reflection and solitude, and most of all - a chance to slow down. 

It's humbling that it often takes a disruption like a snow day to make me contemplate and realize these things. As humans, it can be so hard to simply be present in the moment, to soak it all in and live in a state of gratitude. I'm working on it. Here's to hoping there's more snow days in my life, and yours too. 

Happy Holidays!

Love, Monica