Rosacea, Dry Skin, & Dermatitis

Hello! Morgan here, Studio Manager at Berlin Skin. If you’ve ever reached out to us with order or product questions, we've probably connected.

I’m coming to you today with one of our most frequently asked questions: “which product works best for redness, rosacea, dryness/sensitivity, or various forms of dermatitis?”

As someone who personally struggles with these very things, I wanted to bring this conversation to the table to hopefully provide some encouragement. Fighting any skin concern can feel so overwhelming and daunting, especially when it affects our faces. It is the first thing people see, and that can feel really vulnerable. 

Berlin Skin products are designed to be multi-use and mixable, so you have the ability to customize your routine to suit your skin in all phases of the year. For me, this means not getting too dependent on doing the same exact steps every day, but really listening to my body and observing what my skin needs in that moment. 

When we experience things like redness, dryness, sensitivity, and sometimes even breakouts, it typically means our skin barrier is compromised and most likely struggling to repair itself. Your first step should be to dial it back and simplify. I remember when my perioral dermatitis first flared up, it was overwhelming. The prescribed cream would calm the rash, but would wreak havoc on the rest of my skin. After 2 months or so of medicated cream, a low dose antibiotic, a disrupted gut, and no progress, I decided I needed to take a step back to move forward.

Three products is all I used for 2 to 3 weeks – our Coconut & Aloe Cleanser, Blue Tansy Cream, and Cocoa Eye Butter. I started healing my gut with probiotic rich foods and focused solely on calming and healing my skin barrier. Let me tell you, I was shook, and my skin was healing. I slowly started incorporating the rest of my products back into my routine as my skin felt ready. 

Nowadays my skin is healthy and does a great job of taming small flare ups and redness with the help of my flexible routine. I typically apply our Sandalwood Cream in the morning; the hyaluronic acid really plumps and preps my skin for make up. At night, I reach for my Blue Tansy Cream to hydrate, heal, and calm my skin – it is rich and incredibly anti-inflammatory. 

That being said, I am flexible with what I apply to my skin based on its needs. During the winter I will pick up the Blue Tansy Cream a few mornings per week because it is so cold and dry in Central Oregon and my skin really needs that protective layer. The Blue Tansy Cream has a thick/balm like consistency, so it protects and brings life to dull or dry skin. If I have an active breakout, I apply Sandalwood Cream both morning and night as a spot treatment before applying the Blue Tansy Cream all over my face.

I always seal the deal with our Cocoa Eye Butter: applying it to my under eyes, smile lines, and the "11's" between my eyebrows where I am wrinkle prone. I'll also mix it in with either of our face creams or use it all over my face if my skin is really dry and needs an extra boost of moisture or after a lot of sun exposure. 

We always love hearing from our customers about how Berlin Skin has impacted their lives and has helped heal their skin.

Reach out – I love chatting and getting to know you all: Cheers!