As you may have seen on social media, we are taking a holiday and shutting down the shop for 10 days. If you're local to Portland, Oregon and need to stock up on products ASAP, we highly encourage you to pick it up with one of our local stockists. 

So, wait...can you actually do that?! Shut down your business for over a week? Well, in our opinion, yes.

But why?

Because we have a high value on rest (even more than profit): daily, weekly, and quarterly rest

This trip my husband and I are taking to Hawaii will be our big "rejuvenation" trip of the year. We also take other trips throughout the year with family or quick getaways down to California to catch some sunshine, but there's something about an annual getaway solely focused on rest that is so important to us. The things that Hawaii provides for our souls lines up perfectly with how we personally feel rested. The tropical setting, surfing, hiking, and a constant space to read and talk in the sun matches seamlessly with what we value in a true space to relax. Keep in mind our "how" is vital in understanding ourselves and what makes us feel most rested.

Because the "how" is very important. While it may feel like you are resting as you sit on the couch and watch Netflix, you have to really consider if this is actually true rest. Maybe for you it is. But for me, it's not. Netlix, while stimulating and fun, doesn't actually restore my mind and soul. After Netflix binging, I don't feel inspired to go out and change the world. I feel like a nap.

My husband and I love our life. We love our jobs, our home, our cat, and our community. Our lives are filled with joy. We don't feel like we need a "vacation" away from our everyday life. But there's something about being in a different environment (one that we enjoy) which brings new vision and perspective. Anytime we do a big getaway like this, we feel so refreshed and motivated. So we've made annual rest a priority. 

What is that space or place for you? Maybe it's on top of a snowy mountain. Maybe it's that favorite chair back at your family's house in your hometown. Perhaps it's somewhere overseas. 

Lastly, rest shouldn't be reserved for a once-a-year type of thing. In my opinion, it should be integrated into our normal routines. Prioritizing rest in our everyday lives is critical to physical, emotional, and mental health. I would love to hear from you what you do to feel restored on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we are away. I'm anticipating new ideas being formed during this time, and I can't wait to share once I return. 

From my heart,