Quarantine Reflections

The current global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has affected all our lives in the most significant of ways, to put it lightly. People are sick, dying, and the majority of the economy has shut down. My friends are losing their jobs. On the rare occasion that I go out in public, people are hanging their heads low. It’s been sobering and has caused a lot of us to self-reflect (myself included.)

I want to be ultra-sensitive when sharing my thoughts about where I’m at right now, recognizing that the situation is serious and I speak from an incredible place of privilege: I live in the USA, I am young and healthy, I have the support of my family, and I have plenty of food and shelter. I know that there are so many that don’t have these things. But my hope is that I can still use my voice to shed some hope for a greater future than our present circumstances.

I think we’ve probably all been through a sea of emotions over these past three weeks. It’s been a lot. Here are some of the thoughts that I’ve had while in quarantine:

  • It’s all over.

  • I’m moving to Panama. * spends hours researching how to actually do this. *

  • I think I’ll take this time to improve my Spanish or singing skills.

  • Will Berlin Skin fail because of this?

  • How can I help others right now?

Ultimately I feel like I’ve arrived at a healthy mindset, especially considering some of the drastic thoughts I had in the beginning of all this. I’ve decided that rather than being crippled in fear, I’m going to intentionally use this time to be present and rest with my family, keep moving forward with my work and goals, and look for ways that we can support our community through this crisis.

I don’t wish hard times on any of us, and yet they are inevitable. Life will bring highs and it will bring lows. During the down times, we have an incredible opportunity to adapt and grow as human beings. Instead of living in a constant reactive state, we can instead be proactive with our bodies and minds. Here are a few healthy daily rhythms that I’ve adopted which have brought me life and peace:

  • Not checking anything digital first in the morning. The news and social media is full of negative. Instead my morning is filled with contemplative prayer, gratitude, meditation, and good coffee.

  • Getting dressed and ready as if I were going into the office. Living in my yoga pants does not set me up to be productive in my work and makes me feel sluggish. There’s a positive psychological shift that happens when I shower, put on a real outfit, and do my hair and makeup.

  • Following through with our business goals for the year. Sure, a lot has changed in the past month, but I believe we’re going to get through this. We have a lot of exciting product launches coming up for the summer/fall and I’m following through with these plans.

  • Letting go. None of us can control the chaos that is ensuing around us right now. But we do have a daily choice of how we respond. Letting go of control can free us mentally from so much anxiety and pain.

  • Getting outside once a day. This is so crucial for me. Even if it’s just a short walk, the simple act of getting out to breathe fresh air and move my body is incredibly life-giving.

Friends, we need each other now more than ever. We’re in this together. There’s still so much beauty to be found in the world, we just need to recognize it when we see it.

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Oh and P.S. yes I am currently working on my Spanish and signing. Wish me luck…

From my heart,