Our Top Picks For Glowing Skin This Summer

It's hard to believe that summer is already here, but all of us at Berlin Skin are welcoming it with open arms: summer in Oregon is pretty dreamy here with all of our lakes, rivers, and it just being an overall outdoor playground. 

When it comes to the skin, this season can be easier on many of us as it means we are no longer battling extreme dryness that the cooler season brings, and thus less of a need for layering multiple products at a time. 

Our advice for having your best skin this season is to focus on hydration (water) and antioxidants — both internally and externally. Here are our top product picks for a solid daily skincare routine this summer:

Carrot Seed Serum: this lightweight serum can be used both morning and has a hydrating base without a sticky feel. Carrot seed, rosemary, squalane, vitamin C, raspberry, seabuckthorn, reishi mushroom, green tea, and other powerful botanicals leave the face hydrated, youthful, and luminous. Carrot seed oil works to fade any current sun damage, while a long list of antioxidants help to protect the skin from future damage.

Geranium & Rose Toner: an amazing mist that you can carry in your bag and spritz your face throughout the day; this is especially helpful and refreshing on hot days. With carrot seed, aloe vera, raspberry seed, geranium, colloidal silver, and msm, this toner instantly infuses powerful botanicals and organic sulfur into the skin — revealing a brighter, healthier, and more hydrated look.

Sandalwood Cream: our #1 bestselling product since day 1, this luxurious, lightweight gel cream is made for the face and neck. A blend of botanical hyaluronic acid, sandalwood, lavender, sage, thyme, aloe vera, and turmeric work to moisturize the skin, heal acne scarring, and prevent future breakouts. The jojoba oil base mimics our skin’s natural oils making this cream ideal for those who need a daily moisturizer that’s not too heavy.

Want more specific recommendations for your individual skin type and needs? Send us an email to: orders@berlinskin.com and we'll get back you to with some top recommendations.

Happy summer!