The HQ

This past year I had the fun opportunity to design our new headquarters in Oregon. The process was so fun and I was able to work with a local woodworker to do the build out. When we bought the building, it was being used as a workshop and it was pretty rough. However, there were huge windows all throughout and that's what sold me on it. The natural light is to die for, and I knew the place had good bones.

We wanted the space to feel light, bright, minimal and inspiring. Half of the headquarters is used for storage, inventory, and fulfillment. The other half is built out for meetings, workspaces, and relaxation. It's not shown in these photos, but we have a Peloton, mini basketball hoop, dart board, and space to stretch out and do yoga. 

In these walls you'll often hear laughter, tears, and deep conversations about life. You may also see my two-year-old son sneaking in every once in awhile to give hugs to “Mo Mo“ and “Ra Ra.“

Something my team and I always say to each other is “these are the good old days.“ What we mean by this is that we want to soak in these moments together, cherish them - and always remember that we're living in the good old days, right now. 

At some point I know we'll outgrow these headquarters. Berlin Skin is growing at a rapid pace, and I'm grateful for all of it. However, there's something magical right now about working with our small but mighty team.

These truly are the good old days.