New Packaging

We're so excited to reveal our new packaging updates to you guys! We've been working on these for 1.5 years now, and after many revisions, inventory mishaps, and long days, we are proud to release them into the world. 

We're still using the same high-quality glass that we've always used, but now with more modern and user-friendly designs. Our jars are lower, allowing for easier application for the creams and our Matcha Mask. Our Carrot Seed Serum now comes with a pump that distributes a bigger dose of product, and our Black Spruce Body Oil now comes in a 2x bigger bottle with a pump cap. 

Choosing sustainable packaging is not the cheap route to go, but we have a ton of pride in what we've created and cannot wait for you to experience the new updates in real life. Shop our products at any of our retail/spa partners' locations or online.


— Your Team at Berlin Skin