Our Products

We believe that the most healing ingredients are sourced from the earth. We work to source ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted, and local whenever possible. Plants will always be at the core of our formulations. We also accept that not all synthetic ingredients made in a lab are "bad." In fact, many times they afford a more sustainable and safer formula than strictly farm-grown plants. This middle-ground approach allows us to deliver integrated formulas that are safe, gentle, and highly effective.

In an industry that is notoriously saturated with waste, we desire to do things differently. We aim to run a business that does not harm animals, people or the planet — and only choose suppliers with the same values. This has been our primary goal since day one. From our choices to use recyclable glass vs. plastic, use recycled and recyclable shipping materials, and reduce carbon emissions by keeping suppliers close to home — we are always looking for ways to be more responsible as a brand.

Our biggest sustainability initiative lives in asking our customers to use less, and making pathways for them to be successful in this by designing our line to be multi-use, mixable and shareable. Thank you for joining us in this initiative.

We want our line to be diverse for you, no matter what your skin is needing. We have options for lightweight and heavier moisturizers, and our body oil can be added in to any of these (& our cleanser) for an extra boost of moisture. All of our moisturizers are mixable together, which is a great option for skin that may be oily in some areas, and dry in others. Our skin is ever renewing and ever changing, and we hope that you have fun trying out the mixable aspect of our line - and don't feel the need to go back out to buy a ton of other products. Less can definitely be more.