Matcha Mask: Why You Need This in Your Life

Hey friends, happy summer! I hope you’ve been finding joy and rest in your day-to-day. Personally, I’ve been having so much fun enjoying the warmer weather and time with my family. At the same time, Berlin Skin is growing like crazy (which I’m very grateful for) and there are a hundred things that seem to be pulling at my attention. A new daily ritual of mine is sitting out in my backyard in the grass every afternoon, usually sipping on a homemade iced latte. There’s something about taking a siesta from my office and computer screen and getting out in nature. Sometimes I only stare at the clouds and trees, breathing in the fresh air…it’s such an incredible mental reset.

I’m also finding a lot of peace and calm in my daily self-care routine. I’ve been reaching for the Matcha Mask almost nightly, and it does wonders for my skin and mind. I thought I’d share a deeper look into why this mask is so incredible for our skin. If you haven’t tried this delectable treat yet, you absolutely need it in your life. Read on for all the details!

Why You Need It

The scent alone does it for me. After a long day of work, I love applying this luxurious mask onto my face and neck. The divine blend of matcha green tea and vanilla essential oil instantly relaxes the senses and transports you to a moment of calm. I always feel like I’m at a spa, when in reality I’m just at home.

It’s also an amazing refresher for your skin without having to go get a facial. At Berlin Skin we believe that you don’t have to use harsh exfoliants to revive your skin, and this mask is no exception. It’s gentle, yet also extremely effective.

What It Does For Your Skin

This mask is incredibly unique in that it packs a double punch: it lightly exfoliates with pumpkin and papaya extracts — and delivers maximum moisture with a blend of botanical oils — leaving your skin buttery-smooth.

After removing the mask, you might notice that your skin looks brighter and maybe even a little pink…this is a good thing! Your skin is renewed! It should also feel super soft.

How long can I leave it on my skin?

I recommend 3-5 minutes, although sometimes I leave it on for longer. The sweet spot is removing it before it starts to get too dry.

How often can I use it?

Like I said, lately I’ve been using it almost every night. The mask is very gentle, but pay attention to what your individual skin needs and how it responds to the mask. On some weeks you may feel like you need it more often than others. A good rule of thumb is using it 2-3 times per week.

Is it safe if I’m using a retinol/retinoid?

I would consult with your doctor, first. These types of products can be very harsh, especially when first starting out. They tend to offer deep exfoliation already, and leave your skin more vulnerable and sensitive. Use caution!

What inspired this product?

You can read the full story at this post, but in short, the inspiration came from my friend Lauren who owns Mizuba Tea Co. in Portland, Oregon. We met at a pop up event back in 2016 and there the idea was born to use her incredible matcha in a skin care product. We did our first batch in the spring of 2017 and it was so wildly popular that we continued to bring it back each year.


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— Monica, Founder + CEO