Founder's Story & Legacy

Hey friends, Monica here. If we haven't been introduced, I am the Founder & CEO of Berlin Skin. I started Berlin Skin in 2016 with the hope to bring clean, modern, and minimal skincare to the market. In honor of women's history month and all of the incredible women who have gone before us, I thought I would share more about my story and the women in my family who have inspired me to create botanical, effective skincare. It's a story I share often in our in-person trainings with estheticians, but I realize that I don't talk about it enough in this digital space. 

My great-grandma, grandma, and mom are all from Berlin, Germany. I didn't get to visit my great-grandma in her old age, but rumor has it that she virtually had no wrinkles in her final days. She used to cake on the vaseline to her face every single night (the original "slugging" method") and while I don't recommend this, she was definitely keeping that moisture barrier protected.

My grandma (pictured here with me) continued this practice with more sophisticated creams and nourishing products. She would constantly talk skincare with me, always reminding me to never over-exfoliate and to not over-complicate things: if you're using high quality products with great ingredients, you don't need a 15 step routine. Sound familiar? It's this philosophy that guides everything we do here at Berlin Skin. And you can probably guess that my mom followed this same advice. She started getting me in for regular facials when I was in high school, and I've never looked back. She is in her mid 50's, and just the other day she got confused for the wife of my husband, twice.

While I don't have a daughter of my own, I do have a son, and you better believe I already have him on the Blue Tansy Cream, Cocoa Eye Butter, and Lavender Essential Oil. :) 

Cheers to all the women who are doing big things, creating a bright future for themselves and their families, and contributing more peace, beauty, and goodness to our world. 

My grandma and I.