Customer Reviews

We know it can be intimidating to try out new skin care products.

Below are reviews from our real customers who love and use our products.

“I just wanted to write to let you know how much I love these products. At this point, I think I’ve consistently used them longer than any other product on my face, and tell everyone I can about it (and then they start buying it too!). Everything smells so wonderful, making my routine feel more like a spa experience, and works so well! I stopped getting acne and my skin feels wonderful. Because of what we do for work, I’ve had the opportunity to use your products all over the world in just about every type of weather, and with some small variations it’s worked really well everywhere. Thank you for taking the time to make a quality product. I’ve spent so much time in the past researching the best products out there, and am so satisfied with everything I’ve tried from Berlin Skin. Thank you!
“I’ve been a Berlin Skin fan for a while now, Cocoa Eye Butter and Sandalwood Cream and definitely two of my favorite skincare products that are always on my shelf. When I tried the new Blue Tansy Cream, my skin instantly soaked it up! I’ve been using for just a few days now and am already loving it, not only does it feel super moisturizing without being too heavy but the smell of blue tansy makes it feel extra luxurious. I’ll be adding this to my list of favorite moisturizers for sure!
“Your products have changed the way I look at my skin and that is something I honestly never knew if I would feel, with my years of constantly battling with acne, to now finding such relief and an overall sense of clarity and ease - being able to step in front of that mirror morning and night and feel love inside and out. So thank you, thank you for sending your message and love through your products, it is wholeheartedly felt and appreciated and I can say it has changed my life and perceptions of myself in such a positive way - and more than just the exterior.
“Blue Tansy Cream: The most beautiful facial cream I’ve ever used - it looks, smells and feels amazing! It’s my new go-to daily cream and works perfectly as a primer under make-up. It’s ultra-hydrating and I feel like I’m at a spa every time I use it
“I was honestly just thinking about how much I love my daily routine (slash realizing I needed more Matcha Mask) and thought I would send a message/review about my love affair with Berlin Skin products. I can’t exaggerate enough how emotional and healing the first time I applied these products was. First, I was an exhausted, full-time employee at a university and full-time mom, caught between also being a full-time child to a dying parent. The act of putting something on my face that smelled and felt like so many ‘outdoor’ things made me weep, remembering the simplicity of being a child, running through fields and forests and splashing and playing with abandon. Secondly, my skin absorbed the products in a way that just felt...right. It was the strangest sensation using the Sandalwood Cream, because I’ve never used a lotion consistently due to how my skin responds to it- extra oil, acne, fussiness, even when I tried to ‘stick it out’ for over a month or two. But the Sandalwood Cream was like a second layer of cool, matte, skin. I just felt a need to convey how much relief, healing, and contentment these products have brought to my life. And how this brand really does seem to understand and embrace how emotional the connection we have is with the things we put on our bodies. Thank you for all you do!
“Berlin Skin products are incredible! One of the things I love about these products is that they are not super flowery or sweet smelling. They are great balancing aromas that can be used by either gender. The herbs and nutrients in each blend are scientifically designed to enhance our skin’s health and promote radiance. As a Naturopathic Doctor I recommend these products to all my patients whether you have acne oily skin, dry skin, or just want to support your overall skin health!
“I have been on a constant trial run of skin products since I was a teenager, so when I saw your travel size kit, I thought I may just give it a try! It’s hard to convey how frustrating, embarrassing, scarring, and infuriating acne is when you have it for your entire life - since I was 12 or 13, I’ve suffered from constant acne and terrible skin. When I moved to Bend 2 years ago - everything escalated and I started developing regular cystic acne. Your products completely changed my skin for the better. I have never used a skin product or seen a dermatologist that actually gave me something that could not only prevent acne, but clear up existing acne, regulate the natural oils, and help heal scars. Your Sandalwood Cream, eye butter, and cleanser have transformed the relationship that I have with my skin. I find myself putting on a refreshing layer of the cream and night and saying to my husband, ‘look! look! my skin is actually okay!” Healing my skin not only makes me feel better, it also helps me care for my skin for the long-term, which I never considered before. I am so happy that I have found your product and have a chance to take care of my skin... you have a customer for life. :) Thank you!
“My skin was going a little crazy with the change of seasons and all the wildfires smoke we had in Seattle recently. After using Berlin Skin’s Blue Tansy Cream, I noticed immediately that my skin was more hydrated and looked less tired. I’ve been using it morning and night — its soothing and rejuvenating! Absolutely a new essential in my skincare routine.
“I had oily skin all my life until I became 52 or so and then my face started to be more normal. My pores are large and my face just looked dull. I used natural organic ingredients on different facial products for years but nothing I really liked or changed my skin for the better. My daughter came home one weekend and I noticed her Berlin Skin and asked about it. She really liked it and does the natural way, like me, so I tried it! I loved the feel of the moisturizer and got the rest of the products. Best thing I ever did for my face! I get complements all the time of how my skin glows. It’s so light, that I don’t notice it’s even on. It smells wonderfully clean and my pores look smaller. I’ve been using all of your products for about 2 years now and will never use another brand!
“The Coconut + Aloe Cleanser is the best cleanser I have ever used for my skin. I love knowing that i’m putting clean ingredients on my skin, and it’s a bonus that it works so incredibly well. I have sensitive skin and the cleanser has never irritated my skin. It’s super gentle but does a great job of really cleansing my skin. It also smells amazing. I’ve been using it for about two years now and will continue to repurchase it over and over again!
“I’ve been using the trio for about 4 months now. When I went in to see my esthetician the other day, she looked at my skin under the light and exclaimed, “I’ve never seen your skin look this clear, ever.” I have been seeing her for years. My dark spots have lightened and my face is constantly smooth and hydrated. I’m sold on Berlin Skin for life.
“I have never used a “natural” skin care line that has actually worked. My skin was breaking out due to stress, imbalanced hormones, and even food allergies. I had honestly lost hope in everything...then I caved in and actually tried out the travel set, and oh my gosh my skin looks completely different now than it did a week ago! It’s like, Berlin Skin didn’t just break through my skin, but through the stress, hormones, and food allergies. I seriously love it. I cannot wait to see how much more my skin will heal! Thank you so much for your products!
“I am 63 and have had acne since I was 12. Over the years I’ve tried everything: from seeing dermatologists and estheticians to using high-end products and even taking pills specifically formulated for acne sufferers - all to no avail. About a month ago I discovered your products, and the changes in my skin have been phenomenal! Decreased pore size, amazing balance of oil production, better texture, and best of all, no breakouts! When I began using your products I had been experiencing one of the worst breakouts ever. For two months I tried everything to help it heal but nothing worked. I’d given up hope of ever having clear skin when I happened upon your products. I immediately noticed a difference after the first use, and in this last month my skin has continued to heal from that horrible break out.  You can’t even tell I had a break out! The effect that acne has had on my life has been extremely negative, both personally as well as professionally.  But today I can look at my face in the mirror and not wince. And tomorrow morning when I wake up I will be able to look in the mirror and see clear skin instead of yet another break out. This is all due to your miraculous products. Thank you for changing my life for the better-truly. Those who don’t have persistent acne don’t understand how devastating its effects can be. I’ve had perfect strangers say to me: “what happened to your face?” but now I can look forward to clear, healthy skin. Please don’t ever stop making these incredible products! To find products that are reasonably priced, beautifully packaged, simple to use and amazingly effective is nothing short of a miracle, especially given the over abundance of skin care products that we are bombarded with on a daily basis - all of which I have tried and none have come close to honoring the claims they make for clear, beautiful skin. Berlin Skin is truly a diamond in the rough, one that has literally given me a new lease on life. To go out and meet the world each day without embarrassment and self consciousness is a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Berlin Skin!
“Berlin Skin is some sort of voodoo magic and I’m obsessed. I’ve been using the travel size set this week and already see noticeable improvement in my skin. Life has been hectic with things that would typically leave me in a breakout but my skin is happier than ever! I just ordered the full set and can’t wait to see my skin continue to improve as I use it. Thank you for creating such amazing products.
“I’ve been using the same routine for my face the past 18 years (cleanser, toner, and cream) from another company. However two days ago my stuff finally ran out and I put your Berlin Skin to the test. I wasn’t quite ready to switch from my routine but wanted to give Berlin Skin a try. Two days...two days!!! Two days of using your amazing products and my pores on my nose are the smallest I’ve seen in 5 years. Not to mention my skin feels like silk! I’m very particular about my nose because I have always had naturally smooth and clear skin without much difficulty. But after having babies my nose pores were not as clear and it bothered me immensely. I’ve tried so many different products like washes, masks, strips, exfoliants, etc. without results. I was skeptical (who isn’t) and this is just crazy...I’ve found my new routine to keep my skin incredible-thank you! Seriously I’m blown away.
“I am so inspired to review your products. As you know, I recently did a 2 week treatment on my face for skin cancer prevention. It required putting a medicated cream on twice a day for 14 days. By the 8th day, various spots on my skin had inflamed and started scabbing over. This is good - it means these were potential cancer areas. By the 14th day, my face felt like someone had taken sandpaper and rubbed it raw. Once I stopped the medication, the entire face dried out and started cracking in places. This is where Berlin Skin took over. I’d start with the soap and then toner to refresh the dry skin. I started using the face cream multiple times per day as well as the eye butter in the driest areas. The most amazing help came with the mask. Every 4 days I would use the mask and watch it lift off the dead flaky skin leaving a new, fresh layer underneath. Three weeks later, my face looks better than it has in years. The blotches are gone, the skin is soft, moisturized and healthy looking. It was so good to have your products on hand for this serious recovery after treatment. I know you have to consider me biased, but I’m a believer like never before!
“I’ve been using Berlin Skin’s Sandalwood Cream for a few weeks now. This product is by far the best thing I have ever used on my face. I have very fair and finicky skin. Growing up in the cold winters of Minnesota caused years of damage and dry skin; shortly after moving to Oregon I became an acne-prone teenager again. With the combination of deep oily skin and dry surface level skin I struggled to find something that could remedy both. The Sandalwood Cream hydrated all epidermal levels and healed acne overnight. I even used it as a spot treatment on my boyfriend’s acne and he too saw fantastic results. This lightweight morning and night mask leaves your skin feeling fresh and radiant all day long. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up on everyone’s shelves as their go-to skin care line.