Before & After Results

"I have been struggling with dehydrated acne for years. Anytime I tried to add hydration back into my skin, it resulted in more clogged pores. I then began using retinols to help with cell turnover in hopes it would clear my skin that induced more dehydrated acne and I truly gave up. I was always timid of using a face oil because I just assumed it would give me more acne but because I loved the entire Berlin Skin line I decided to give it a whirl and I'm so grateful I did! The jojoba oil carrier paired with vitamin E and F are such a lovely vehicle for hydration and repair to my skin barrier. The photos above are a 3 month difference. My post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation has significantly diminished. My active acne has also decreased and my texture has improved. I am so grateful to Monica and the Berlin Skin team for creating a product that is fast-absorbing with efficacy."

- Mary K.

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