A Letter From Monica

Hi friends, Monica here, founder and CEO of Berlin Skin. I launched Berlin Skin 6 years ago with a vision to create clean, modern, and minimal skincare for everyone. Since then, we have gained a loyal following (you) who have supported us every step of the way. I am so grateful.
The past few years have brought new challenges as a small business, but we have pushed through the resistance and come out even stronger. I have held off as long as possible, but we are introducing price increases on several products this month, effective with all our retail partners in August. We are being hit with supplier and freight price increases across the board. We pride ourselves in integrous sustainability, and we will never compromise on this value to cut costs. We are excited to offer you new, updated packaging made from the same high-quality glass that we've always used.
The products with price increases are our Sandalwood Cream, Coconut & Aloe Cleanser, Black Spruce Body Oil, and Geranium & Rose Toner. We are decreasing the size of our Matcha Mask and Cocoa Eye Butter; the pricing on these two items remains the same. Our Black Spruce Body Oil is now in a 2x bigger bottle, and has a pump cap. The new designs of our packaging are more user friendly, modern, and an all-around upgrade. Our outer cartons are now FSC certified (paper from responsible forests) and are super luxe. I cannot wait for you to experience everything! 
A bit more: as we strive to remain a profitable company, you can remain confident that your dollars are supporting a small, women-owned, family business with extremely high values. We are providing jobs for people and their families here in the US, and we offer a 401K to full-time employees. We also give them a monthly cash benefit to be spent solely on self-care. We value family and balance above all else, and follow a 4.5 day work week, so that our team can be as healthy as possible. 
Thank you for your continued support and understanding. This is just the beginning and we can't wait to create more amazing products for you and your skin.
Monica Watson, Founder & CEO