A Guide To A Better Nighttime Routine

There’s something about the end of the day that brings a huge *exhale* feeling, you know what I mean? The work is done, the sun has set, and there’s only one thing left to do: your night time routine. My night time routine has become one of my favorite wellness rituals.

Read on for the guide to a better night time routine.


Get Cozy

Is there anything more relieving than changing out of the clothes you wore all day long and slipping into something soft, stretchy, and comforting? This is always my first step in my routine. I pick out the softest and stretchiest pair of pjs (usually a tank and some sweat shorts or pants) — and let that lead the way to the rest of my evening. 

Put Your Phone on Night Mode

This step is crucial. Every night I *do my best* to turn off or silence my phone for at least an hour before I lay down to sleep. This helps me calm down and affords my eyes and mind the rest it desperately needs.


Wash Your Face

I repeat: wash your face. The amount of people who tell me they don’t wash their face before bed shocks me because I *cannot* go to bed without this step in my routine. Each night, I take my Coconut + Aloe Cleanser and massage it into my skin for about two minutes. I then take a warm/hot wet wash clothe and gently remove the cleanser, along with the dirt, makeup, and sweat of the day. I never skip moisturizer — my new favorite is the Blue Tansy Cream with 3 drops of the Black Spruce Body Oil for extra hydration. A fresh face is an absolute must!


A Cup of Tea 

Decaf, of course. A warm chamomile is my nightly choice. It reduces anxiety and stress, promotes good sleep, and is an all around soothing herb to sip on. Perfect for the night time. 


Brain Dump 

I don’t do this one every night, I confess. But when I do I find that my sleep is so much better. Our minds run all day long, and sometimes it feels good to simply write out all those thoughts on paper. It doesn’t have to be neat —the messier the better actually! It can be a list or simply a long stream of thought. Whatever works for you! Get it all out so it’s not keeping you up at night.


Lavender Essential Oil

Right before I slip into bed, I rub a few drops of lavender essential oil between my palms and then take a few deep belly breaths. I then massage the oil into my chest and the bottoms of my feet for sleep support. This helps my nervous system get ready for resting. 


Read a Book

If I’m not absolutely ready to knock out by this step, I grab a book and read a few pages until my eyes start to feel heavy — at which point, I close the book and settle into my pillow without delay. Off to sleep I go. 


And there you have it! My step by step guide for a better night time routine. If you don’t have a night time routine, or you’re looking to refine what you already have going on, take a few notes and try one or two of these tonight. 

Sweet dreams, friends. 

- Alexa Joy