5 Star Reviews

We are so grateful for YOU - our amazing customers who spread the word about our Berlin Skin. Read on to view some recent 5 star reviews of our products.

"I have struggled with eczema for as long as I can remember, but it has worsened into my adult life, so finding skincare that actually works for my skin type is always a challenge. Recently, I have been experiencing a flare up on my face and neck, and after just TWO days of using this cream, the body oil, and the cleanser, my skin has literally transformed. Not only did my flare up calm down, but my skin literally has never felt better. I will be using Berlin Skin indefinitely."

— Erika E.

"I'm an esthetician at a spa in West Seattle and everything about this cream is just stunning; the smell, the texture, the results…amazing. I recommend this to a majority of my clients and almost always recommend to mix it with the Cocoa Eye Butter. For myself, I have seen a massive improvement in the texture and radiance of my skin. I have very sensitive skin and this has become one of my staples in my routine whether I mix it with the Cocoa Eye Butter or not. It will always leave my skin plump and hydrated. I usually top it off with an oil b/c my skin is very dry as well, I need that boost. You can always add in a few drops of the Black Spruce Oil as well to add that boost! I love Berlin Skin so much."

— Sam C.

"What a treat this cream is! I love blue tansy and have used it in skincare for a long time to calm my reactive, sensitive skin, but it has always come in the form of oils and balms. While I love oils and balms, there’s something about a cream that my skin just loves. I used to have to apply a cream and then a blue tansy balm or oil on top, but now I can do it all in one step! I especially love this for summer. If you’ve never used blue tansy and are on the fence, I can’t sing its praises high enough—as I said, it’s amazing for sensitive skin, but it also just smells SO good and feels beyond luxurious every time you use it. There’s really something to be said about how your products make you feel when you apply them, and this cream makes me feel so spoiled. I couldn’t love it more!"

— Jeannette S.

"First of all, aroma is everything and the Carrot Seed Serum is the perfect blend of clean, invigorating and delicious. Also it's only been a couple weeks and I notice a huge change in my skin. Seriously obsessed with Berlin Skin, not sure how I'll ever use anything else."

— Alex C.