Meet our team


monica watson


enneagram no: 3

personality: enfp

must-have skin care product: cocoa eye butter

favorite drink: improved whiskey cocktail

favorite city: berlin (+ london!)



growing up in an entrepreneurial family, from a very young age monica learned about the power of thinking big, following dreams, and giving back along the way. her unique background working in the creative arts coupled with a passion for organic skin care led her to create berlin skin in 2016. monica is passionate about people and using business for good in the world. on any given day you can catch her hustling for the biz, reading a new book, and always stopping to pet nice dogs.


michael hughes watson

director of operations

enneagram no: 1

personality: istj

must-have skin care product: special lemongrass body butter made by monica

favorite drink: southside

favorite city: stuttgart

instagram: @michaelhugheswatson


a talented songwriter and musician, michael has toured around from coast to coast and internationally for the past 14 years. he has a passion for teaching and working with other artists, students, churches and non-profits. with a keen eye for detail and a gift for organization, michael keeps things running smoothly and efficiently in our studio. if you run into michael he's probably on his way to catch some waves, volunteering his time, or working on a new song.


wayne rooney watson

director of cuddles

enneagram no: 4

personality: infj

favorite drink: ice cream

favorite human: mom

favorite city: san diego

instagram: @rooneythefold


named after a famous soccer player, rooney lives up to his name with fans wanting to come visit him from around the world. like any scottish fold, he has a deep passion for naps, food, and being the center of attention. he's recently learned a few tricks like how to sit and high-five, and you can occasionally find him helping ship orders by tearing up boxes or chewing on crinkle paper.