intended to complement the minimalist's lifestyle, our products prove that achieving beautiful, smooth skin doesn't have to be difficult. in a world where we're constantly bombarded by loud messaging that begs us to consume more and more, we've chosen a different path. one that encourages a simple, more content sense of well-being. we believe that a skin care routine should be a relaxing, comforting experience where we nurture our skin and allow it to do what it naturally knows how to do: thrive. 

made in only small batches, berlin skin products are formulated with only the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients: packed full of wildcrafted, organic botanicals and oils. the formulas are filled into miron glass bottles and jars which protect the active ingredients. instead of burying away in a bathroom drawer, our line is meant to look and feel like a piece of art-one that begs to be left out on the counter. 

we hope that the experience of our brand inspires you to go out and create beauty in the world.


our core beliefs:

  • keep it simple. less can be more.
  • be generous and kind.
  • whatever you do, do with excellence.
  • create beauty.

how our products are made:

  • never tested on animals + 100% cruelty-free.
  • made in small batches.
  • sustainable raw materials and practices.
  • formulas made in the USA with 100% renewable energy.
  • recyclable miron glass jars and bottles from germany which block all sources of visible light-protecting the active ingredients.
  • recyclable box packaging + labels made in the USA.
  • shelf-life tested for quality assurance and safety.
  • highly concentrated wildcrafted, organic, and plant-based ingredients.
  • no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, or other harmful ingredients.


hello, dear friend. my name is monica. on paper, i'm not your ideal candidate to start a skin care line. i have oily, temperamental skin and i struggled for many years with terrible breakouts that just wouldn't let up. i know first-hand how debilitating it can be to struggle with skin issues: as a model, my career was often compromised due to my extremely unpredictable skin. i had tried everything to clear my skin, but it seemed that most products were only making things worse. 

berlin skin was created solely because i have a deep conviction to make products that are made well, offer visible results, and complement a minimalist's lifestyle. 

the name behind the brand speaks to my german heritage: both my grandmother and mother are from berlin, germany, and have given me a wealth of knowledge over the years on how to properly care for and nourish my skin. my grandmother specifically educated me on the "less is more" approach, which greatly influences our formulas.

most importantly, i believe that our inner beauty must always match our outer beauty. integrity, compassion, kindness-these are the traits of a radiant soul. may your outer glow always be matched by your inner grace. 

from my heart,