the trio

the trio


pamper your skin with this beautiful set. includes our coconut + aloe cleanser, geranium + rose toner, and sandalwood cream. 

3.4 oz coconut + aloe cleanser.

3.4 oz geranium + rose toner.

1.7 oz sandalwood cream.

shipping is on us! 

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made in the USA with renewable energy and sustainable practices. free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances.

"berlin skin is some sort of voodoo magic and i'm obsessed. i've been using the travel size set this week and already see noticeable improvement in my skin. life has been hectic with things that would typically leave me in a breakout but my skin is happier than ever! i just ordered the full set and can't wait to see my skin continue to improve as i use it. thank you for creating such amazing products." - ELLIE, 24


"your products have changed the way i look at my skin and that is something i honestly never knew if i would feel, with my years of constantly battling with acne, to now finding such relief and an overall sense of clarity and ease - being able to step in front of that mirror morning and night and feel love inside and out. so thank you, thank you for sending your message and love through your products, it is wholeheartedly felt and appreciated and i can say it has changed my life and perceptions of myself in such a positive way - and more than just the exterior.” - VANESSA


"i've been using the same routine for my face the past 18 years (cleanser, toner, and cream) from another company. however two days ago my stuff finally ran out and i put your berlin skin to the test. i wasn't quite ready to switch from my routine but wanted to give berlin skin a try. two days...two days!!! two days of using your amazing products and my pores on my nose are the smallest i've seen in 5 years. not to mention my skin feels like silk! i'm very particular about my nose because i have always had naturally smooth and clear skin without much difficulty. but after having babies my nose pores were not as clear and it bothered me immensely. i've tried so many different products like washes, masks, strips, exfoliants, etc. without results. i was skeptical (who isn't) and this is just crazy...i've found my new routine to keep my skin incredible-thank you! seriously i'm blown away." - NIKKI


“i can't exaggerate enough how emotional and healing the first time i applied these products was. first, i was an exhausted, full-time employee at a university and full-time mom, caught between also being a full-time child to a dying parent. the act of putting something on my face that smelled and felt like so many ‘outdoor’ things made me weep, remembering the simplicity of being a child, running through fields and forests and splashing and playing with abandon. secondly, my skin absorbed the products in a way that just felt...right. it was the strangest sensation using the sandalwood cream, because i've never used a lotion consistently due to how my skin responds to it- extra oil, acne, fussiness, even when I tried to ‘stick it out’ for over a month or two. but the sandalwood cream was like a second layer of cool, matte, skin. i just felt a need to convey how much relief, healing, and contentment these products have brought to my life. and how this brand really does seem to understand and embrace how emotional the connection we have is with the things we put on our bodies. thank you for all you do!” - JOANNA

*see individual product pages for ingredients and best usage.