why we don't sell on amazon

don't get me wrong, i dig amazon prime. it's convenient, cheap, and with one click of a button i can make an impulsive purchase that will be at my house in 2 days. but here's the thing: over the past few years i've been trying to embrace a slower, more content, less consumeristic lifestyle. in fact, berlin skin was born from this new mindset and way of life-i wanted to embrace and promote these values through an uncomplicated skin care line that hopefully encouraged our customers to live their entire lives this way. amazon doesn't line up with this new way of life i'm pushing towards, both personally and through my business.

every decision we've made so far has been filtered through our set of values. we've never blinked an eye on the decisions to give back, share kindness, be generous whenever possible, and make products with the highest standards of excellence, sustainability, and quality.

amazon, on the other hand, is still a bottom-line operating machine. this means that they want to make accessible everything they can, immediately-and at the lowest price possible. they are the modern walmart. and you know what? that's ok. but for us, it's not a fit.

i don't think amazon is the enemy nor is this an anti-amazon hate post. at the end of the day, we could make a ton of money off amazon. products that sell to the masses are ultimately going to perform best. we could have exposure to a whole new audience that's never heard about our products before. 

and yet, that's not what i want for our brand. from the beginning, i never set out to make products for anyone and everyone. our products are for those who are wanting to simplify their beauty routine by only using 3-5 products total in their skincare regimen. it's for those who will be satisfied with gentle, plant-based, and effective products that serve their skin well but aren't out to chase the latest beauty trend. it's for those who see the value in purchasing products with recyclable materials that weren't made in a sweatshop. 

lastly, and perhaps most importantly-amazon doesn't line up with our commitment to partner with our fellow small business community. the store and spa owners that carry our products are incredible individuals who share our values. many of them have become friends: just as they are fans of berlin skin, we are fans of them. we shop at their stores and support them right back. 

although we want to continue to grow and introduce more like-minded people to berlin skin, we're choosing the route of slow, intentional growth. it's the harder route to take, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

from my heart,