the black spruce body oil


our highly anticipated black spruce body oil has finally arrived. everyone has been begging for us to create a product for the body, but we wanted it to be special and luxurious-which is why we didn't rush it. below are some answers to your most asked questions:

1. a body oil? why an oil opposed to a body butter or lotion?

we wanted this product to be extremely pure, concentrated, and easily absorbable into the skin. we aren't huge fans of greasy residue left over, which is why moisture through specific oils is a huge win. we chose jojoba and grape seed oils for our base; these two are hydrating but aren't overly heavy, and the blend makes for perfectly balanced moisture.

2. what does it smell like?

like all of our products, it's based from a unisex blend of essential oils. the best way to describe the scent is "your freshly cut christmas tree meets intoxicating spices with an uplifting floral hint." overall, the blend is meant to promote positive feelings and relaxation.

3. what are the benefits of this product aside from it being moisturizing?

we carefully chose some of the highest sought-after essential oils that have powerful benefits for both the body and mind. the list of benefits for each of these oils is robust, but here are a few highlights:

black spruce: the aromatherapeutic benefits are the hero for this ingredient, however it's clarifying for both the senses and body: purifying and uplifting; soothing to tired muscles. may provide mental benefits as it's know to promote peaceful thoughts and reduce stress.

frankincense: with more benefits that we can name here, our favorite call outs are that it works to reduce stress and anxiety and promotes protection and healing for skin cells.

rosewood: uplifting, calming.

blue tansy: anti-inflammatory and may help sooth tired joints and muscles.

4. at $72, this is your most expensive product. why?

unlike several other luxury skincare brands, we aim to always make our products affordable-without compromising on the best organic, plant-based ingredients we can find. this product is our most expensive to make. we focused on super high-quality oils that have incredible benefits for your body. additionally, many body oils we see on the market claim to have essential oils added, but the concentration of them is so low that the benefits aren't truly worth it. like all of our other products, we didn't compromise on quality for this beauty.

it's worth it.

5. okay, i'm in! how do i use it?

our favorite way is right after showering/shaving. 4-5 drops goes a long way to moisturize your body. add more as needed or if you want extra hydration. before applying, try inhaling the beautiful formula from the cups of your hands for extra soothing and relaxing aromatherapeutic benefits. bonus: if you have brittle, damaged hair, try applying a tiny amount to the ends of your damp hair.

we can't wait for you all to try it.

more questions? we're always here to help. comment below or email us!



*the above statements are based purely on opinion and personal research and shouldn't be considered medical advice. consult your physician if you feel that you need serious medical attention.