a guide to using our products

welcome! our products are intended to be a fit for all skin types, but the how (to use them) is very important. here's our one stop how-to guide outlined by specific skin type.

coconut + aloe cleanser

for all skin types: in the evening, remove makeup with a warm washcloth or towelette. In a circular upward motion, gently massage 5-6 pumps of the cleanser into your face. add a small amount of water as needed. remove with a clean washcloth.

*you may also cleanse in the morning, but an evening cleanse is the most important.

geranium + rose toner

for all skin types: it's hard to over-do it with this gentle and soothing product. after cleansing (or really any other time during the day), spritz all over your face and neck and take a moment to enjoy the calming aromatherapeutic benefits of rose and lavender.

sandalwood cream

for normal/combination skin types: use in the morning on oiler areas of face and/or blend directly with the cocoa eye butter. a little goes a long way!

for oily skin types: use in the morning and at night for an all-over facial cream. a little goes a long way!

for dry skin types: since there are no heavy oils in this product, this cream could dry you out. test for a few days, and if you are too dry - try using the cocoa eye butter as an all-over facial cream instead.

cocoa eye butter

for normal/combination skin types: use in the morning and evening on drier areas of face and/or blend directly with the sandalwood cream. a little goes a long way!

for oily skin types: use as needed for hydration around the eyes and on neck.

for dry skin types: may be used as an all-over facial + eye cream both morning and evening.

black spruce body oil

for all skin types: this decadent oil is very multi-purpose. here are a few of our favorite ways to use it:

1. after showering and/or shaving, massage as much as needed into legs, stomach, arms and chest.

2. mix in a drop to your sandalwood cream or cocoa eye butter jars if you're feeling especially dry on the face.

3. in the evening or in times of stress, add a few drops and inhale through cupped hands to help promote feelings of peace and serenity. 

4. men love it as an after-shave!

so, there you have it! overall, our products are meant to create a luxurious, fuss-free skin care ritual that fits seamlessly into your minimalistic lifestyle. we believe that you don't need 12 products to promote beautiful skin. each of our products are made from gentle and effective organic, plant-based ingredients that are good for your body and mind. enjoy!