it's our anniversary

This month marks one year since we officially launched Berlin Skin. I write this post with a heart full of gratefulness and awe. The success of our first year has been humbling and exciting, and I can’t wait for year 2. The people who have believed in us, supported us, and continue to be super fans: you are the people who are helping to keep the dream alive. To you I send a huge THANK YOU. Want to hear some exciting things?! Continue reading...

RECAP: Year one was about experimenting, asking questions, listening, learning to slow down, and improving our products and overall brand experience. When I took the plunge to launch our first products, I simply wanted to create and provide a simple yet elegant skin care routine amidst a busy, oversaturated beauty industry. I had no idea if people would even care or pay attention. Did people want organic, clean skin care products in minimalist packaging? I heard a loud and resounding “YES.” The response was overwhelming in the very best way. I have received countless emails, calls, texts, and in-person praise over and over again about how the products are the perfect fit for not only your skin, but for your lifestyle as well. Since the launch, we created a travel set and also launched a brand new product-the cocoa eye butter (currently one of our best sellers).


VISION: I am currently sitting in the Dublin airport, waiting for my flight to return home to the states after an inspiring work trip in Europe. The trip was so creatively stimulating for me: being in cities (London and Paris) full of beauty, history, culture, adorable storefronts, stunning architecture, and clean and minimalist shopping and dining experiences was just what I needed to gain fresh inspiration and set new goals for this upcoming year. 

The vision for this next year is to continue to push and focus on brand awareness. Many of you are fans for life and you re-order every six weeks. From this group, a lot of you are telling your family and friends about our products, and they are becoming sold on our brand as well. Being a start-up, this organic, word of mouth environment is incredibly beneficial to us. Please continue to help us in this way!

SHOP LOCAL: We have also been picked up by quite a few retail shops who are carrying our line in their brick and mortar stores. This is awesome for visibility and introduces new people to our brand. We hope to continue to partner with new stores who share our same values for creating a modern, minimalist environment and striving to create beauty through their trades.

GIVING BACK: one of my main goals from the beginning has been to give back with what we’ve been blessed with. I have a strong conviction to use business for good and to push the world towards redemption, justice and peace. Once we turned a profit in 2017, we immediately began to give a portion of our profits to Remember Nhu, an organization extremely close to my heart. Remember Nhu exists to prevent children from entering the sex trade and they equip these children with skills and education to succeed and thrive in their lives. We’re currently giving about 7% of our profits to Remember Nhu, and we’d like to increase this percentage as the months go on. We hope that this excites you to be involved in this way, knowing you are partnering in something bigger than just common business. 

I am extremely pumped about what’s to come and am motivated to keep pushing forward. P.S. did I mention that we’re having a LOT of fun?! I am so grateful that each and every day I have the opportunity to own my own business and grow a brand...and this is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. You will continue to see well-made, high-quality skin care products from us. You will continue to see generosity and an effort to create a more beautiful world from us. 

Thank you, truly, for following along. 

From my heart,