geranium + rose toner: ingredients and best usage

i'm constantly getting questions about what a "toner" is and why we should have one in our routines. although it may feel like an unnecessary step in your skin care ritual (misting my face?!) toning is actually a really big deal and can make an incredible difference in your skin. 

there are hundreds of different types of toners out there, but we wanted ours to be gentle and soft-smelling while still being effective. with a short but potent ingredient list, here are the benefits of the plant-based powerhouses:

lavender: calming, healing, antiseptic, normalizes oil production.

rose and geranium flower water: calming, antibacterial, wrinkle-reducer, healing.

msm: organic sulfur that hydrates and plumps.

vitamin c: anti-aging, brightening.

reishi mushroom: anti-inflammatory.

toning both morning and night (but especially at night) will balance your skin's ph balance which is disrupted during the day. it will also hydrate, balance, and prep the skin for moisture. additionally, many of our clients love using the geranium + rose toner to set their makeup-which is a fabulous idea for that perfect "dewy" look. lastly, the aromatherapy benefits of the lavender, rose, and geranium are an additional bonus for your whole body and mind (which is why we recommended misting).

after cleansing, mist 4-5 sprays directly onto face. or, if you prefer, you can also spray onto a cotton ball first.  follow up with our cocoa eye butter and sandalwood cream for a balanced and doable ritual. 

simple. easy. necessary. make sure you have a toner in your routine!

from my heart,