berlin skin 2017 gift guide

wow, the holidays seem to approach so quickly! it feels like every year the retail market starts screaming at you earlier than the last. i went into a craft store in october and there was christmas decor everywhere. i was confused. too soon.

hopefully you never feel like our brand is pushing you to buy more, more and more. rather, we want to provide pure, luxurious, multi-use skin care products for you, your family and friends. a simple and beautiful routine that leaves you satisfied, content, and at peace.

- - 

that being said, if you do want to spread the love and purchase products this season for the lovely people in your life, here are a few quick ideas:

for him: the black spruce body oil is a sure, safe bet. it straight up smells like christmas in a bottle and is perfect for these cold, dry winter months. men love it as a beard oil and after-shave.

for her: the cocoa eye butter. luxurious, gentle, and divine-smelling. may also be used as an all-over facial cream for dry skin.

for the host: the geranium + rose toner. amazing for all skin types and the perfect soothing treat for dry and unbalanced skin.

for the skin care junkie: the matcha honey mask. because...matcha.

for the berlin skin superfan: the collection. just trust us-it's a win.

for the stockings: the travel set. doesn't get any cuter than these babies. 

still not sure? the gift card is easy and fuss-free! happy shopping!