the cocoa eye butter

it's almost here. and it's something to get excited about. 

because it's crazy-good.

the skin around our eyes is different from the rest of our face-it's delicate and often sensitive. it requires gentle and special care. it's also one of the first places we start to show signs of aging: and while I actually am a fan of laugh lines (am I the only one that thinks they are cute?)-it doesn't hurt to be proactive with prevention.

because this skin is so fragile and thin-wrinkles, sun spots, and dark circles show up eventually. i wanted to create a product that combated all three of these culprits, and it's finally (almost) here. so what's it all about?

feel: it's super lightweight (a little goes a loooong way) and yet extremely hydrating. when i put it on before bed, i wake up with my eye area still dewy (which is magical).

scent: some people say it's vanilla-y, some say it doesn't smell like much at all. to me, it just has a faint cocoa butter smell. the little-to-no scent was intentional as i decided i didn't want anything too heavy so close to the eyes.

key ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut oil, carrot seed oil, aloe vera, vitamin c, rosehip seed oil, chamomile, evening primrose oil, aloe vera, and gotu kola. all-star line up, am i right?

results: this powerful combination of natural ingredients works to hydrate, firm, and brighten the skin around our eyes. i've been using it since the fall, and i've seen a noticeable difference in my fine lines being softened and the small dark spots (hyperpigmention) are gone!

to summarize, this is my favorite product that we've released so far. it is so luxurious that it's like a spa treatment for your eyes...every single night. i cannot wait for you all to try it. more coming soon on how/when you can order it, so stay tuned!

from my heart,