photo by hannah rose.

these products have totally transformed my skin, even after the first use! one, it all smelled so beyond amazing and refreshing. it left my skin so smooth and soft. it’s already cleared some of my little bumps (yes ok, acne). the cream left my skin very smooth and luxurious feeling. everyday I love waking up, treating my skin to some healthy cleanse and moisture, going through the day and treating it all over again with natural beauty.
i love it. i literally noticed a huge difference and the aromatherapy is amazing. it made my skin glow and somehow look better after just one use. i look forward to putting it on each morning. i am very impressed with this face cream.
— dr. tracy andersen, DAOM, LAc
i have dry skin and after using berlin skin products, my face went from raisin to grape...very hydrating. i love them!
— Elizabeth, 50
since i’ve always had problem skin, i’ve tried every product from store brands to all natural ones- still without genuine promise. i tried the sandalwood product and not only was the smell incredibly soothing and therapeutic, it helped clear the bumps on my chest in just a few days! i cannot wait to try more and finally feel confident about myself and not feel like i have to hide because of my skin. i always support natural healing and these natural products have amazing promise.
— ALLIE, 24
these products are seriously amazing. i’ve been privileged to see firsthand how deeply involved monica has been in every stage in the development of these skin care products-she’s passionate about the quality of what’s being created and understands that people care about what they’re putting on their face. i personally have incredibly sensitive skin and the sandalwood cream specifically has proven to be both gentle and effective in hydrating my skin. i’m so impressed with the quality of this initial trio of products and i can’t wait to see what’s next!
— mindy, 26



Monica Watson