our bottles + jars


sustainability. quality. excellence. 

these are words that define our brand. and when it came to the decision of packaging for our products, we didn't want to make any compromises. 

our goal was to set out to find packaging that fulfilled the following:

-protects the products from exposure to sunlight.

-high-quality glassware. 

-sustainably made (not in a sweatshop). 

-gorgeous packaging-aka something you'd want to leave out on your bathroom counter, not hide away in a drawer.

sounds simple, right? think again. we searched for months to find exactly what we were looking for, to no avail. we began to feel like we should just give in compromising, until we started to think outside of the box...

if we couldn't find what we needed here in the USA, why not look elsewhere? that's when we discovered the miracle of miron glass, a stunning and elegant violet glass that entirely blocks the complete spectrum of visible light.

and, they are made in germany. yes, please. 

to our luck, we found that there was one supplier here in the states that we could buy from, based in LA. so what did we do?

jumped on a plane, of course.

we were more than pleased. the glassware is incredible. it's something you'll want to show off and use over and over again. i'd say that's a win. 

so when you buy from us, you can rest assured that the product is safely protected and the container holding it was made well (and gorgeous looking). 

from my heart,